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frequently asked questions

Q: Does a PrideStar card automatically get me 10 off on every gallon?

A: No. This is optional and you must complete an additional enrollment to get this discount.


Q: Can I link the PrideStar Debit account to a credit card?

A: No, PrideStar Debit can only be linked to a checking account.


Q: Is PrideStar Debit secure?

A: YES! It is Pin protected and safer than a credit card!


Q: Can my family all use the same PrideStar Debit account?

A: Yes! Members of a household can sign into the app with the same account information, or have multiple cards under the same account.


Q: How do I get 10 off a gallon as a loyalty member?

A: As a loyalty member, you can earn 10 off a gallon for every $25.00 you spend in store on qualifying purchases. Tobacco, gift cards, fuel and lottery tickets are NOT eligible items and will not count towards earning points.


Q: How do I get 10 off a gallon every time I fill up?

A: When you enroll in PrideStar Debit, you get an additional, automatic 10 of a gallon every time you fill up, regardless of what/if you spend in-store.


Q: Can I still use my old blue savings card?

A: Yes! You’re old blue savings card now functions as both a PrideStar Debit card and your loyalty card.


Q: Can I get app exclusive promotions with the PrideStar card?

A: No, you can only get the in-store app promotions with the PrideStar app. Having the PrideStar card will get you the PrideStar promotions, but not the app exclusive ones.


Q: Do I need to get the app?      

A: No, you do not need to get the app; however, without it, you will not be able to track or receive the 50 Gallon Freebies, be eligible for app exclusive promotions, or see your progress with fuel discounts.


Q: I’m a PrideStar Debit member but I didn’t get 10 off when I got fuel. Why?

A: You need to pay with your PrideStar Debit card/app in order to get the fuel discount. If you pay with your regular debit card, a credit card, or cash, you will not get the discount.


Q: I bought 50 gallons of fuel, how come I don’t have/can’t see a 50 Gallon Freebie?
A: This could happen for a couple of reasons

  1. It is most likely because the app is out of date. Go into the app store or (google play/ play store), search for the Pride Store app, and click update. Once it updates, reopen the app and your freebies should now be in the coupon folder.

  2. The 50 Gallon Freebie can only be earned using the app, as the physical card does not track fuel.


Q: Why do I need to provide so much information to sign up for PrideStar Debit?

A: The information you will need to provide to Zipline is the standard information required by all companies in compliance with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). This required information is necessary to confirm your identity, and ensure the security of your information. It does not get shared, and even Pride does not have access to it.


Q: How do I reset my pin?

A: You may update your PIN number using the member site ( If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to create a password. Simply enter your email address in the top box and click “Forgot Password”. Once you have created your password, log in using your email and your new password. Then, click on your card number (to right of screen). A new screen will appear. Click on “Update PIN” from top options. Follow the rest of the instructions and you will be able to reset your PIN number. If you have any further questions, you may Zipline at 1-877-403-2222.


Q: How do I update my banking information?

A: Call Zipline at (877) 403-2222


Q: I went to use my new PrideStar Debit card, but it didn’t go through. Why?

A: It could not have gone through for a few reasons.

  1. If you did not report Zipline’s test deposit/withdrawal- this is when Zipline deposited an amount under 15 into your account, and then withdrew an amount under 15. They will need to know the dates of these transactions & the amounts.

  2. You need to provide 2 forms of ID (your driver’s license and a utility bill). These can be a picture that is emailed back to Zipline.

  3. The pin you entered wasn’t correct- on the third incorrect entry, it will put your account on hold. Call Zipline at (877) 403-2222 for a pin reset email.


Q: I got a new phone and now I need to get back into the PrideStar app. How do I do that?

A: Click the “New Customer Sign Up Form” button (it should be blue), and enter your email and phone number. If you’re an existing customer and are unsure of the email and phone number you originally used with your account, call (413) 737-6992 or you could end up in a shell account.

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