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At Pride we are conscious of the threat that climate change and pollution represent to our world. That's why we are doing our best to reduce our impact and pave the way for new green technology. Learn more about how we are working for a better tomorrow below!

Plastic Bags? Not at Pride!

turtle eating plastic.webp

Single-use plastic bags have long been a staple at most stores, Pride included. However, as more and more data has come out about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, we have decided to take action. Starting in May of 2019 we stopped carrying single-use plastic bags in our stores, saving an estimated 2.5 million bags per year or 20 tons of plastic. To learn more about how plastic is damaging our environment and what Pride is doing to reduce waste, click the links below!

We Support Electric Cars!


Driving an electric car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it can be a challenging move when charging stations are few and far between. At Pride, we are helping to make that choice easier by building Tesla Supercharger stations. We installed our first Supercharger at our location at 25 Russell Street in Hadley in 2017 and are working on our second one at the new Hartford station. To find out more about our 25 Russell Street location or about the benefits of electric cars check out the links below!

The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen Fuel Cells.jpg

Hydrogen fuel cells have been hailed by many as the fuel of the future. They are more efficient and reliable than traditional combustion engines and produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline powered cars. As with electric cars, one of the main barriers to widespread adoption of cars powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cars is the lack of infrastructure and scarcity fueling stations. To learn more about how Pride is helping to fuel the future check out the links below. 

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